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When Not to Start

Do you want to kick yourself because you’re the kind of person who starts a bunch of things and never seems to finish? Here’s a post that will let you off the hook: I just had the best … More

How to Go Negative

The Cooking Channel has an online show called “You’re Eating it Wrong” and I love it. I don’t like chicken wings, but this episode on how to eat them correctly was definitely … More

How to Figure Out What You’re Good At

As a mom, I’m kind of always worrying a little bit in the back of mind about my ability to (do a lot of things but in this case), unearth my daughter’s natural talents and gifts. Like, what … More

Do You Need to Write Core Values?

When I realized that I was going to have to hoof it crosstown every morning to bring my daughter to daycare (one hour round trip), I subscribed to Audible. My audible habit is dedicated … More