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How to Spin-Off Your Content

This is the second part of a three-part series wherein we’re talking about the dynamic content on your website. This is all about the pieces of writing that you have to do over and over … More

What to Write in Your Newsletter

We talk so much about your About page, your services page, and so on. While your website is a living thing, these pages are relatively stagnant. Yes, you should constantly be revisiting, … More

Spiderman Had an Origin Story and So Should You

Every business needs an origin story. Some companies are particularly proud of their origins. Hewlett Packard famously purchased, restored and preserved the garage in which Bill Hewlett … More

How to Write the Perfect Three-Line Bio

The short stuff is hard to write, which is why I found myself spending the better part of an hour on Monday trying to write the single perfect sentence to cap-off a two-to-three-line bio … More

Why Being Sensitive Can Make You Good at Business

One time, someone called me an empath. “Do you know what that is?” she asked me. I stammered, partly because I thought it was obvious given the concept of root words. “Like, empathic?” I … More

Why The Grammys Make Me Cry

Sara Bareilles performed with Carol King at the Grammys and I cried. I do love that song of hers, Brave. Lola and I dance to it. And I love me some Carole King. You've got to get up every … More