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What to Do When You Hear Crickets

Have you ever put yourself out there, and heard crickets? Like, no response? It can feel like the worst thing ever. Like a special kind of public ridicule. This happened to me over and … More

How To Write Anything

This is probably the biggest writing secret I have ever given away. I’m going to teach you how to write anything. Anything you need to write, this is how you do it: … More

Copy Decoded: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

I was all set to write about something else this week, but then I was besieged by a frickin’ amazing website. The second my oldtime blog friend and brilliant photographer Sarah Bloom posted … More

Three Content Commitments

When it comes to actions to support your business, here are three content-writing resolutions by which you should live all year. And, to be honest, these resolutions will not only change … More

What Should I Post on Social Media?

What are you doing on social media? Does that question make you feel like you've just been discovered hiding in a kitchen cabinet? Embarrassed? Confused? At a loss to explain what you … More