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Copy Decoded: Marie Forleo

Your ABOUT page is the most frequently visited on your site. We talk about this page a lot here on the blog. We’re always finding new tactics and ideas for making it really … More

How to Talk About Your Past

“You have a ‘decorator;’ I have a ‘decorator.’ There really is no need for the ex-decorator conversation.”  You have a past. I have a past. We’ve all been somewhere else before we landed … More

Four Ways to Find Guest Post Outlets

It's list-building 101. Right? But it's not enough to feature your work just anywhere. Guest posting is an art. And finding the right outlets to pitch to feature your work is the key element … More

How to Write a Tagline

AdWeek says that the tagline is dead. They make a compelling argument. And considering how hard those blasted taglines are to write, I'd love to agree! Short copy is always … More